Plotlogic is a global technology company that allows you, the mine operator, to precisely understand the location and material properties of every rock in your mine, in real-time. We have helped some of the world's top mining companies utilise this precision ore-body knowledge to make better decisions, improve ore recovery, reduce dilution and enhance environmental and social governance performance. Visit Plotlogic


Niricson Software Inc. is at the forefront of the digital revolution in infrastructure condition assessment and risk management. Dedicated to ensuring the safety of infrastructure, we deploy proprietary damage assessment equipment and software to verify the structural integrity of key concrete structures. Our innovative technology allows data to be collected more safely, efficiently, reliably, and accurately as compared to traditional methods which are laborious, time-consuming, costly, dangerous, and highly dependent on subjective human judgment. Visit Niricson


Experts in data visualization, FutureOn emerged from Xvision in 2016 to become a standalone provider of state-of-the-art visual engineering for the global energy sector. The company transforms the performance of complex capital projects with our cutting-edge visualization technology. FutureOn is proud to offer its global customer base industry-leading software solutions to create digital twins that deliver a complete asset visualization and integrated data model that unlocks value through increased efficiency, improved safety, reduced costs, risk mitigation, lower emissions and increased uptime. Visit FutureOn


SewerAI is a global leader in sewer condition assessment and inspection data management. Based in Walnut Creek, CA, SewerAI leverages its cloud inspection management platform (Pioneer™) and AI Computer Vision tools (AutoCode™) to help wastewater professionals to accelerate productivity, increase accuracy, and reduce the cost to maintain and renew aging collection systems. With millions of feet of sewer data under management for municipalities, environmental services contractors and engineering firms, SewerAI is revolutionizing infrastructure assessment and improving environmental health for people everywhere. Visit SewerAI


Unearth is a Series A, venture-backed SaaS startup with customers in top 10 utilities and the federal government. Unearth’s integrated field operations platform, OnePlace, helps critical infrastructure providers connect assets, data, and field teams. This cloud-based, data agnostic software visualizes data on a map and empowers work from anywhere with online/offline capabilities. Offering unparalleled field visibility, OnePlace helps ensure communities operate safely - in good times and bad. Simple and secure, OnePlace leverages the AWS network and is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant. For more information about Unearth, please visit www.unearthlabs.com. Visit Unearth

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